Traveling on a Budget in the Shared Economy

A student at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, Nicholas Leonard is a former data specialist at Carter-Young, also in Athens. In addition to his professional pursuits in GA, Nicholas Leonard enjoys travel. 

The sharing economy is making travel more accessible and budget friendly. Over 10 years ago, Airbnb disrupted the entire travel industry by providing travelers with an alternative to traditional hotel bookings. 

When people open their homes, they offer travelers a unique and culturally richer experience. Travelers looking for a bargain can easily rent a room or a house from a local. If travelers are feeling adventurous, they can borrow an RV, a houseboat, or even swap houses with another traveler.

The collaborative economy has expanded beyond accommodations to activities and tours. Apps allow visitors to arrange boat rentals, classes, and home-cooked meals. Transportation needs can also be met through ride sharing or rental agreements.

Most of the transactions in the shared economy are completed online. Travelers can conveniently make all the arrangements for their next vacation from their handheld devices.


University of Georgia Student in Athens, GA

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